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One week out - Whaaat!

So, let's take a minute to think about this. Did I just say that we are only ONE WEEK AWAY from departing the coast of the Pacific Ocean?!? Yes. I. Did.

That reality brings up a wide variety of emotions along with a frenzied recount of all the last-minute items that still need to be crossed off the list. (At least the list is only one page typed now, rather than many). In fact, at this stage of the game, possibly you start crossing off the least important tasks to make a bit of space in the ole' brain for more important thoughts of excitement and anticipation. That's my goal - starting now. Bye-bye, to-do list! Hello, Adventure!

Speaking of adventure, Ashby and I have been in the PNW for a week now and are having some fun! Landing in Seattle while we waited for the truck to arrive on the barge allowed us to play tourist. A few of our favorite things included Pike Place, The Gum Wall, Water Taxis, The Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum, and definitely getting to see family!

Now we are down south in our new home: the Columbia River Gorge, patiently/impatiently waiting for Aden and Jerry to arrive early next week. Once they arrive it will be a whirlwind of storage runs, bike assembly, pile making, and all those other things one must do before setting off on a bicycle journey of this magnitude. Sometimes I ponder that quite possibly the commencement of this adventure will also come with a sense of relief. That all of these months of preparation will culminate into a deep loving breath of what is to come for us as a family. And with that breath will be a big goofy grin, too. Although my personality challenges my hopes of only 'being in the moment' and relaxing (albeit sweating), I may just persevere into not rushing through this trip of a lifetime. Slow down, and enjoy the ride. (Mantra style).

The posting has been a bit sparse, I know. Thanks for following along as we gain momentum. Also, please consider donating to our chosen cause: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. It means a lot to us as a family that our trip will bring good to others. Thanks for helping us support this idea!

See you next week for the start of JOURNEY BIG!

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