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Countdown to Departure!

Time is quickly approaching towards our departure date. In fact, Journey Big commences in one month:

May 5th, 2017

It seems like just a few weeks ago that we decided once and for all to embark on this cross-country tour. Surprisingly, it's been about five months. Five full, excitement filled, overwhelming months. The to-do list has grown by leaps and bounds, gotten smaller day by day, and then grown again to a three-page, single spaced, bullet point haven for this and that. But progress is happening, and we are getting antsy.

Regarding the preparation, Jerry has taken the lead on gearing up. Countless hours have been spent first on the research, then inside online shopping carts, and now in and about our four bikes making sure all the racks, lights, bags, cages, pedals, panniers, pumps, and the like are in place and ready to go. (Until we have to take them all apart to ship them back to the mainland that is). It's a whole lot of work, but he seems to be having a whole lotta' fun with it. A true labor of love.

When Jess gets asked about the work involved in such an undertaking, it's quite understandable the contorted facial expression(s) shared. It feels like double duty: 1) moving across the ocean back to mainland is hard work. And 2) adding in the prep-work for a big adventure like this is a whole different ball game. In a span of a few minutes, we are talking to new-school counselors for the boys, and scanning road maps next. There is nothing boring about the tasks at hand. Nothing.

We are blessed with a great following of supporters near and far. A lot of people can't quite grasp the magnitude of this adventure - they say so themselves. However, just about EVERYBODY is excited and rooting for us! We have been shown generosity in the forms of fist bumps and monetary contributions, hugs and helpful offers.

The boys are given encouraging words daily - "how cool are you to try such a feat at such a young age!" The boys may not be completely on board all the time, but it's apparent they know the significance of what is to come. It's going to be hard. And. It's going to be worth it.

Thanks again for joining in our big journey. We are excited to share our travels and look forward to hearing from you along the way. The trip hasn't started yet, but we know that your support is going to help keep us going.

Keep it up!

Pretty please.


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