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Training Wheels: Heading into Week Two

So, we left off on the last blog rounding the end of week one. Its hard to imagine right now writing this that we have been on the road for so long. It seemed like during those busy months of prepping and planning that the beginning was worlds away, and now, look where we are. Discussing our crossing into state number two!

Back to business.

Day 8: Shuttle to Sisters and Ride back to Bend.

Due to the nature of the beast, in this case snow, we finished our puzzle pieces by being graciously shuttled back to Sisters to officially finish our ride into Bend. Remember, no miles go un-ridden with the Ziemer clan. Here is an appropriate time to give a huge shout out to our friends Kurt and Erin who went above and beyond the call of duty. Fo' real!

So far Kurt picked us up over Santiam Pass and took us back over the pass, down to Bend where we stayed with him and Erin. THEN, they both wake up early, shuttle all of us back to Sisters and we ride back to their house for not only another cozy night, but TWO nights in their super wonderful amazing home. Thanks you guys!

Oh, and a special treat for us, Kurt decided to ride back into town with us! No need to navigate, we had our own tour guide. Pretty sure the boys were diggin' the company - and it helped that Kurt can do 'tricks' on his bike.

Day 9: 'Zero Day' in Bend.

Again, woke up in the comforts of a wonderful home where I got to celebrate Mother's Day with my arse on a couch, snuggled with a cup of coffee and delivered amazingneses in the form of a great card and chocolate dipped strawberries and cherries. Oh - la - la.

For an afternoon out, the five of us traveled into town for errands, views of the whitewater park, and a delicious lunch. Back home we were allowed to play with Mac. Ashby looked great. And little up on that big guy.

Everyone also enjoyed spending time with Kurt and Erin's four legged family members too! (Especially foster puppy!)

Day 10: Bend to Ochoco Lake Campground

It was bitter sweet to leave Kurt and Erin's place, but soon enough, there we were, back on our own. The ride was over 35 miles with wonderful weather. We are really happy to have mother nature on our side again. Really happy.

Farm field after farm field, along with grand amounts of BIG SKYs had my chin dropped for a lot of the ride. Oregon is such a diverse state, I can't wait to really get to call it home.

Stopping along the way we stocked up for the night's meal and breakfast the next day. Notice the contents of the picture below. Does watermelon yell 'bike friendly' fare? It sure was tasty. Thanks Jerry!

We ended our ride that day at a lakeside campground. It was pretty empty, and no one seemed to complain when we rode in and found out the showers were closed for repair. We enjoyed sitting by the water and cooking dinner in peaceful surroundings.

The morning was bit rough. It's always rough to be honest. Something about waking up in near freezing temperatures and are expected to gear up, break down camp, and hop on a bike for who-know's how many miles.

Somehow, we get it done. "Boys! It's time!"

Library is closing now, so gotta log off and say goodbye until the next post. Hope everyone is doing well and again, please keep us in your thoughts. We love the support you are showing us.

We have had quite a few people reach out to us and ask if we have a timeline for our ETA's across the country. We are working on a rough draft, if you will. Look for it on facebook and future blog posts.

Jess and Jerry, Aden and Ashby.

Journey ON!

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